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Cowboy Superstitions
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Top 10 Rodeo Cowboy Superstitions

1: A saddle bronc rider always puts the right foot in the stirrup first.

2: Never kick a paper cup thrown down at a rodeo.

3: Cowgirls often wear different colored socks on each foot, for luck.

4: Don't compete with change in your pocket because that's all you might win.

5: Never put your hat on a bed.  That will bring bad luck. 

6: Eating a hotdog before the competition brings good luck.

7: Never read your horoscope on competition day.

8: Never eat peanuts or popcorn in the arena.

9: Always shave before the competition.

10: Never wear yellow in the arena -- it will bring bad luck.

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Cowboy Superstitions

  1. Never change the name of your horse because you will get injured on them. That is strict philosophy on the outfit I work for.  Brandon Ryan
  2. Daddy Always told me... Don't never lay your hat down Like you set it on your head... All the luck will run out!
    By the way I love you're site!!! It is Great!!! Thanks,
    Phil, Cowgirl since I was 3 days old!
  3.  The following ten superstitions are courtesy of Leon Humphries <>
    (1) never cross your boots when you take them off, so you wont get tripped up.

    (2) never lend out your gear, your luck will get lost.

    (3) don't clean your work boots, you'll take off the luck. (but do how ever oil them up)

    (4) never let some one wear your hat, unless you plan on taking them home.

    (5) when you lend out a knife, make sure it is returned the same way.

    (6) when someone gives you a knife as a gift, always give a penny for it.
    or you will cut your self badly.

    (7) never use the same iron on the same animal more than once, that animal will give you trouble.

    (8) never be a motor mouth around older cowboys, you wont work for that outfit very long.

    (9) keep a cross on you riding hat, because you never know.

    (10) when you kill a rattle snake, cut off the head and bury it, cut off rattles and keep them for luck, and turn the snake belly up for rain.
  4. Never wear a peacock feather in your hat. Submitted by <>
  5. Never wear yellow in the rodeo arena when you compete, it will bring you bad luck. Lani Romine <>
  6. Never play with another man's crutches or you will be using a pair some day.
    Never walk into a room and throw your hat on the bed or you will be laid up there with an injury soon.
    And I have been around enough years to see both of these happen, first and second hand experiences.
         Mike D. West -      Lubbock, Texas
  7. Horseshoes are considered good luck. Hang one over your kitchen door, your barn door, or your tackroom door. Brings good luck to all who enter. Always hang 'em heels up, less your luck'll run out. Course, anybody with any cow in 'em will already know this. I'm Rowdy Wilson, from all over Texas, and anywhere Rodeos happen. Tell all your real, live, sure nuf cowboy constituents to read Ben K. Green's, Wild Cow tales, and,Horse Trading. Now there's a sure nuf real COWBOY. Thanx. r
  8. On the subject of horseshoes...never pull the shoes from a dead horse to use on another horse.  Bad luck will come to the second horse, too.
  9. On the same vein, never use a dead dog's collar on a new dog.  Bad luck will follow.


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