Cowboys moving cattle using their horses and dogs.
Texas historical photos
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Here are an interesting set of Texas cowboy photographs courtesy of Leslie Trevino.  The pictures originally belonged to her great grandfather Gordon Oliver who cowboyed on the 6666 Ranch in Texas around 1910.  Click on photos for larger views.
branding153.jpg (64281 bytes) wagon150.jpg (64667 bytes)
Ann Burnett was a 6666 Ranch owner and is shown in the photos above branding cattle and eating with the cowboys at the wagon.

cows151.jpg (81197 bytes)

Note the size of the 6666 brand on the cow on the left in the photo of the cattle.
Charley and Coaly were the cooks on the 6666 wagon shown in the photo on the right taken in 1911. wagon152.jpg (58826 bytes)

wpe16.jpg (28118 bytes)

Gordon Oliver on the left and Dave Blair, right, shown horseback in 1910 or 11.

 Click on photos for larger views.



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