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Dutch oven recipes
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Cowboy Cooking Dutch oven stylePeach  Pastel
You Need:
 1- cup sugar
 1- cup flour
 1- cup milk
 1- medium can of peaches
 1- stick of butter
 1- tsp. cinnamon
 1- tsp. allspice
 1- tsp. baking powder
Melt 1 stick butter in a 14 inch Dutch Oven
Mix the other ingredients together and pour them into the Dutch Oven on top of the melted butter.
I like to cook this fairly slow and watch it close. The longer you cook
this, the more crust it will make.
Any fruit can be substituted for the peaches. Use what you like.

Charlie Tomlin
South Texas

Dutch oven speciality recipes

Peach Cobbler                by David Dill

Did you ever have to stay in camp and cook your specialty dish while everyone else got to ride?   Well, here's the solution.  You can do this in 10 minutes.Dutch oven peach cobbler

6 to 10 refrigerated pie crusts
1 gallon of sliced peaches, drained and save the syrup.
brown sugar
butter or margarine
And if you like, dried prunes, raisins or dried apricots.

Grease your Dutch oven and add a pie crust or two.  Put in a layer of sliced peaches then sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon and add plenty of butter.
Add another pie crust and repeat until you are out of peaches and pie crusts.
You can add the dried fruit to the peaches if you like.
Add the last pie crust and save some of the crust and fashion your brand to put on the top of the crust and it will brown darker than the other crust.  Takes about 3 hours and not much fire under the oven.
Pour the rest of the syrup you saved over the dried fruit and keep it by the fire and boil it to reduce it and save until morning and you will have some mighty fine syrup to add to your hot cakes.  If it ain't enough, just add more water and brown sugar and boil it a little more and it'll do.
Don't show anybody the packages the pie crusts came in and they'll think you made it yourself.  I served this in 2, 18" Dutch ovens to my high school class at our 40th reunion and they ate every bite of it.  They even thought I could cook.
Lee, I swear this works and it is good.  Use it if you like.
David Dill



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