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We have a great deal of content related to horses, horse breeds, horse ranches, trainers, and training tips.  This section is dedicated to the subject.  Advertise your horses and your horse related business here and take advantage of our world-wide audience. Many items like cowboy gear also relate to horses, so be sure to look around and use our search function

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Prunty Horses Diamond A Desert Ranch Horses
Nevada Horses
Diamond Tail Ranches
Flitner Diamond Tail Ranch
Wyoming horses, beef cattle, and big game outfitting.

Cattoor Wild Horse Roundups   American Mule Museum
Celebrating the history and use of mules throughout the United States
Triple R Horses
Rusty's Ranch and Rope Horses
Picture   Multiple quotes for steel barns. One form four quotes.  
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Cowboy Horses
Some stories and training tips for you and your horse.

Diamond Z English Shire Horses Diamond Z English Shire Horses
by Mike Laughlin
Harnessing A Team

Great Basin Curly Horse Buckaroos
The Dameles
by Mike Laughlin

Rounding Up Wild Horses by Mike Laughlin

Extreme Horse Camping  Learn more about what you need to camp with your horse from an experienced backcountry horseman.  
by Mike Laughlin
Tailin' 'em up - Tail Knot for Pack Horses
by Mike Laughlin
Cut-away saddle pad by Mike Laughlin
First pull on the Latigo by Mike Laughlin
Bryan Neubert Cowboy Clinician
by Mike Laughlin
Colt Starting with Twister Heller 
by Mike Laughlin
Clinic for  Colts and Cowboys at the C O Bar  by Mike Laughlin

Cowboy Training Halter by Mike Laughlin
Using A McCarty by Mike Laughlin
Train a Horse to Stand Still While the Rider Mounts 
by Twister Heller w/Lee Raine 
Cowboy Draw Reins by Mike Laughlin

Cowboy Martingale by Mike Laughlin

War Knots:  Tying up a horse's tail   
by Mike Laughlin

Illustrated step-by-step instructions for tying the war knot

mark for a bridle horse:  single tuft of mane

Cavvy Marks:  How horses are marked in a cavvy 
by Mike Laughlin
Feral horse essays Feral Horse Essays by Ralph Sacrison
A compilation of documented essays by Ralph Sacrison regarding the impact of proposed feral horse sanctuaries. 
Place the paste wormer tube or syringe into the back of the mouth and inject the medicine.  Be sure to have the horse untied while doing all this and hold on to the lead rope. Deworming Your Horse the Easy Way by Mike Laughlin


Safe Fall Trail Riding  by Lee Raine

Horse remedies

Horse Remedies  Interesting fixes for common problems often using ingredients available around the ranch.  

Hormone Implants in Mares an anecdotal experiment

How to Buy a Mule by Steve  Edwards

Glossary: Horse Terms

Wild horses

  • Brigit Brown, a 12-year old student from Moriarty, New Mexico, turned a project for National History Day in her school into an award-winning documentary describing the debate over wild horses and burros.
    These are links to an interview she filmed and to her documentary.
  • Interview with Brigit

  • Brigit's Documentary



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