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Cowboys moving cattle using their horses and dogs.
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Our Cowboy Artists, and their Bronze Sculptures, Drawings, Paintings, Music, Poetry, and Photos cover several pages.  Please click on the title of the page below that interests you and then click your back button to return here to choose another.

Artists in several media




Con Williams - Original Western, Wildlife, and Rodeo Bronzes

Historical Books by Dale Wooley
for sale

THE WALTIS and OTHER EARLY SETTLERS of Eureka and Lander County, Nevada

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Gary's Turquoise

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High Quality Custom Silver and Gold Buckles and Jewelry
Cowboy Engraving Shawn Didyoung SECOND HUMMINGBIRD ENGRAVING
Cowboy gear, saddle silver, scarf slides, and western jewelry that is hand engraved and customized for the cowboy and western lifestyle.

Kim Klass Custom Jewelry Design

New Mother's Silver Bracelet
Mother's Bracelet
Cowboys with Class

, Cowboys with Class
"Cowboy Wildrags"
and western accessories: "Moore Maker" knives, Western Jewelry, Scarf Slides, Bracelets, Cowgirl Necklaces, and Limited Silver.

Western  Music:

Cowboy Music


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 Cowboy Poetry and stories:

Cowboy Poetry by Carole Jarvis 

Cowboy poetry


Cowboy Poetry by Audrey Hankins

Cowboy poet Audrey Hankins


Cowboy Poetry by Charlotte Thompson


Cowboy Poetry by Gary Vorhes

"Maybe cowboy luck is some kinda apology for being a cowboy in the first place."
Cowboy poetry

Range Magazine
Award-winning RANGE has been called "The voice of reason amidst a cacophony of madmen."

Award-winning RANGE magazine, published quarterly, is devoted to issues that threaten the West, its people, lifestyles, lands and wildlife. RANGE has subscribers in every state and several foreign countries, and is an advocate for a national resource—the American cowboy.

See the Winter 2011 issue of Range for the definitive special report on Mustangs.

Tooth and Claw 2012
The sage grouse count. By Noreen Walsh, Quinton Barr and Carolyn Dufurrena

A trade publication for Working Ranch Cowboys & Ranchers
A trade publication for Working Ranch Cowboys and Ranchers

Artist's Showcase:  

Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver Buckles
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Fullerton, CA 92831
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Carved Cowboy Belts for Your Gift Giving Pleasure

Custom solid sterling silver belt buckles, quality hand made custom belts,completely custom western saddles, solid silver belt buckles, and most custom saddlery items are made. Heirloom quality custom sterling silver western buckles and leather products related to the western and horse industry.

Poetry Showcase

The Cowboy Way

* Copyright ã by Jim Liles 11/2010

Cowboys are known, to have a way of their own,

to sort out a sense of fair play.

You ride for the brand, or a shake of the hand,

that’s always been “The Cowboy Way”.

“The Cowboy Way” is not a phrase,

to be abused and misconstrued.

It’s a way of life, a reason to fight,

it’s a lifestyle through and through.


In the days of old, in the Montana cold,

wild broncs were topped out each day.

Sometimes you get paid, with dang broken leg,

and there’s no one to spread out the hay.


Word spreads pretty fast, when you might need a hand,

to water, do chores and spread hay.

You never need ask, for help with those tasks,

it’s surely “The Cowboy Way”.


Don’t treat it like something you get for nothing,

because you wear hat, boots and spurs.

You have to earn it, and folks will return it,

it’s respect, and the paths that we choose.


Doing the right thing, without any coaxing,

and giving, with no thought of why.

It’s the way of the west, it’s the ultimate test,

to liven’ life in the cowboys’ eye.


The fellow that taught us is always among us,

our Father in Heaven is he.

A great book was written, so we won’t be forgettin’,

who taught us,…. “The Cowboy Way”.


Jim Liles Lazy J Rodeo Safety Equipment
for another poem by Jim, click here:  Buckaroo

You Want To Be a Cowboy?

 You want to be a cowboy?
That what I heard you say?

 These old ears is stuffy,
‘n I was lookin’ ‘t’other way

Son, ‘taint like them dime novels,
Or who’s fastest with a gun.

Its heat ‘n sweat, cold ‘n froze.
All work ‘n not much fun.

 It’s ridin’ mean, green horses
While chasin’ deer wild cows,

 It’s stakin’ hay, ‘ pullin’ wells,
‘n dippin’ for the louse.

 It’s all alone in a blizzard,
Your coat round a frozen calf.

 Can’t see the knob on your saddle.
Hopin’ your horse don’t miss the path.

 Wearing out three broncs a day,
The wagon and wormy chuck.

‘n you do it all with a smile son,
Sayin’, “Powder River, let'er buck.”

 Means, I’ll ride it if its wearin’ hair
I’m here to make a stand.

 Son if’n you’ll try come hell or breakfast
Then we might make of you a hand.

 © J E Moon

Bemidji MN 12/01/2008

The American Cowboy by Rick Church

There's a certain attitude, or code, if you will,
Of the rancher, westerner, or American cowboy, better still,
It's not the hat, the boots, or spurs so much,
That gives these Americans, the cowboy touch.

First and foremost, always keep your word,
Your word is your bond, I've always heard,
There are people that depend on you, to do what you say,
Sometimes it's inconvenient, but it's the American cowboy way.

Words like honesty, integrity, courage, and grit,
Are as natural as breathing, much like taking to a bit,
Helping out a neighbor, you've found has a need,
Expecting nothing in return, fine qualities indeed.

This truly is the American cowboy, for many I've known,
Seem cast from the same mold, American hewn,
No, it's not so much the clothes they wear,
Simply put, it's a way of life, a breed so rare.

                    Rick Church, copyright 2003

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