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E. F. Blanchard Spurs - Examples
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Below are several representative sets of Blanchard spurs. 
We appreciate all the calls, letters, and pictures from you folks that saw a version of this article in April, 2003 Western Horseman Magazine and those who have come here looking for history and validation.

Blanchard spurs inlaid with initials

I really enjoyed your feature on Ed Blanchard, who was my uncle. I didn't know about your web site until my daughter told me about it recently. Attached is a picture of spurs that he made for me when I was 6-7 years old (circa 1949-1950), which was just before he, my dad and the rest of the entire Cook family moved from New Mexico to Arizona. As you can see, the spurs are in very good condition, except for tarnishing of the copper trim and silver initials over the years.  Thank you, and please keep up the good work.  Bob Cook,  March, 2006

DSCN1969 (2).JPG (147393 bytes)
Some of Blanchard's earliest spur work.  The mark is E. BLANCHARD  DATIL N.M.
Spurs owned by Mike Laughlin.


Two pair of San Antonio, New Mexico marked Blanchard spurs (Town marks appear in article above) courtesy of Misty Pugmire.  She says about the spurs, "The spur with AVW belonged to Audie (Dink) Van Winkle (my granddad) and one with the moons and star belonged to Jerry Van Winkle (my dad) They were a gift from Mr. Murphy on the Diamond Bar Ranch in Southern New Mexico in 1955 or 1956, my dad said. They now belong to my family." 

"I thought you might like to see the pair of Blanchard spurs I have, made for the man who taught me to ride-John Brunson- in the 40's or 50's, I don't know when for sure. But they are marked Seligman, Ariz inside. John Brunson was good friends with Don Dodge, and Slim Trent.  All were cutters in PCCHA.  I think John had the spurs made while he and his wife lived in Tucson.  They lived at SaRita and then out on the Benson Highway.  Of course, that was years ago, probably in the last of the 40's or the first couple of years in the 50's.  They then moved to Valley Center in So. Calif. and as I remember, Don Dodge used to come over to practice.  Then John and Mildred moved to Fallbrook and there was a lot of cutting going on there.  From there to Ramona and they both passed on at that location.  John and Mildred were very close friends of my parents for many many years,  and Mildred saw me in a laundry basket when I was 3 weeks old.  I am now 61 so it has been a looooooooong time.  And I only wanted John's spurs when he passed on.  He helped me when I got my first horse and I used to follow him around like a puppy trying to learn all I could.  Slim lived on the place in Valley Center and had 2 boys, Lonnie and Marvin.  Lonnie had a terrible scar on the corner of his mouth where a stud bit him when he was really little.  It was an interesting time.  John and Mildred Brunson were very close friends and believe me when I tell you, those spurs will be with me until I die.  I also have a very old pair of Visalia's from my friend Joe Pike.  They are about 65 years old now and Joe died about a year ago.  I have them hanging on my wall so I have two pair of "treasures".  I suppose I have quite a bit of money in those two pair but if I sold them, it would be like selling my kids!!!"  Shared by Ann Hathaway, Central Point, Oregon
Silver mounted spurs owned by J.K. & M.E. Rhoads, Raymond, CA.  The silver engraving was added after-market by a famous California silversmith.
Blanchard 2a.jpg (84946 bytes)On the right is a photo of a pair of unusual Blanchard's that are said to have once been owned by Billy Simon.  The spurs were purchased from Porter's and the silver work was done by McCabe.  The buckles on the straps are marked with McCabe's marks. The spurs are marked E.F. Blanchard, Yucca, Ariz.  No other marks inside the heel band.  They are iron spurs.  Courtesy of E D Allen.
Courtesy of Cade and Mona Benson, Elizabeth, Colorado  YUCCA-ARIZ #2. TS
Custom Blanchard spurs made for the late Charlie Benson, Colorado.  YUCCA-ARIZ
E.F. BLANCHARD  #2. TS  Courtesy of Cade and Mona Benson, Elizabeth, Colorado.
spur1X.jpg (72183 bytes)Bobby Ray Martin has two pair of Blanchards.  This unusual pair with stationary buttons was a gift, from his former boss at Arivaca Ranch in  AZ. Martin worked for him for 15 years, and the boss had them custom made for Martin in1966. The initials on the spurs are BRM.  The mark is E.F. BLANCHARD   YUCCA-AZ
Blanchard  #2SS trophy spursE. F. BLANCHARD #2.SS      YUCCA-ARIZ
These decorated stainless steel Blanchard spurs were won by Steve Medlin of the Medlin Ranch, Wickiup, Arizona, at the Kingman, Arizona Junior Rodeo in 1961.   The Diamond W brand on the spurs is the Medlin ranch brand.  They have no chap guard.  The spurs now belong to Audrey Hankins of Congress, Arizona. 
click on pictures for larger views
Blanchard  #2SS trophy spurs   Yucca-Ariz
2ps22.jpg (13155 bytes)  E. F. BLANCHARD NO 2. PS    YUCCA-ARIZ
plain steel spurs.  They show drill marks where someone apparently was going to put tie-downs and a great deal of wear.  Spurs came out of Texas, unusual style of spurs for that area.  Owned by Mike Laughlin, Eureka, Nevada.

2ps23.jpg (24174 bytes)   2ps26.jpg (20580 bytes)

Blanchard #3 Stainless steel spurs owned by Mike Laughlin.  The #3 style were bronc spurs with short shanks and bronc rowels. 
Marked E. F. Blanchard   #3 SS   YUCCA    AZ.
   click on pictures for larger views 

Blanchard #3 spurs 3blanch10.jpg (15641 bytes) 3 blanch24.jpg (21220 bytes)

E. F. Blanchard #3. TS YUCCA-ARIZ, tool-steel bronc spurs owned by Mike Laughlin. 

A set of Blanchard style #4's owned by Mike Laughlin.  These are plain steel.  Note the chap guard.
4ps01.jpg (30282 bytes)  4ps014.jpg (22117 bytes)

4ps03.jpg (22184 bytes)   4ps04.jpg (24565 bytes)

E.F. Blanchard SS #4 Yucca, AZ
These spurs originally belonged to Bob Clark, Elbert, CO.  Now owned by Mike Laughlin.  Click on pictures for larger views
4sss07.jpg (23977 bytes)  E.F. BLANCHARD #4SS    YUCCA  AZ
Spurs owned by Jim Stewart, Congress, Arizona.  Stewart stamped his own name and Kingman ARlZ on the outside of the heel bands.  Stewart was a cowboy in the Kingman area at the same time Blanchard was making spurs.  

4sss5.jpg (15865 bytes)     4sss9.jpg (20796 bytes)

Blanchard style number 5 plain steel owned by Mike Laughlin
NO. 5 PS
click on pictures for larger views 

Blanchard #5 spurs E.F. Blanchard NO.5 PS    YUCCA-ARIZ

5ss.jpg (45042 bytes)

Blanchard style number 5 stainless steel owned by Mike Laughlin

Blanchard #6 style spursE. F. BLANCHARD #6.TS      YUCCA-ARIZ  

A pair of Blanchard style #6 tempered steel spurs owned by Buster Aldred, Wetmore, Colorado. 


click on pictures for larger views 

Blanchard #6 inside of heel band...The mark # on this spur is hard to read.     inside the other heel band     Blanchard spurs marked YUCCA-ARIZ    outside of heel band

The name CHUCK is stamped on the outside of the band on one spur.

b6ts9.jpg (26377 bytes)  b6ts10.jpg (34614 bytes)  b6ts11.jpg (23754 bytes)

Blanchard style number 6 tool steel owned by Mike Laughlin.  These spurs have been chrome plated.
# 6 TS

efbspur8.jpg (43978 bytes)     efbspur88.jpg (36915 bytes)

Blanchard style number 8 stainless steel owned by Mike Laughlin
NO. 8 SS

ml3.jpg (61494 bytes)Blanchard silver mounted plain steel spurs with Mexican coin buttons.  Owned by Mike Laughlin


ml4.jpg (33651 bytes) ml6.jpg (44240 bytes)

Blanchard stainless spurs with long shank and no chap guardA pair of Blanchard  stainless steel spurs belonging to Clay Rodgers of the C O Bar Ranch outside Flagstaff, Arizona.  They were his grandfather's.
Note, they have no chap guard.
click on pictures for larger views
Interior of heel band showing different spelling of ARIZ and no periods after the E F

inside the heel band of Rodger's spurs
no number is visible

Blanchard custom spurs  Blanchard custom spurs
This custom pair of Blanchard stainless steel spurs was made for Harley Saddler of Miles City, Montana in 1959.  Mr. Saddler drew out the shape and had his two ranch brands mounted on the heel bands.  The rowels are replacements.  The originals, however, were also large and made of horseshoe nails, because he wanted "big rowels that rang."  Note the hole in the shank where a pin can be placed to "stop" the rowels.  You stop the rowels from turning when you want to "get ahold" of a bronc or colt.
There is no number and the maker's mark is E.F. BLANCHARD  YUCCA-ARIZ.
selig17w.jpg (20776 bytes)Seligman Arizona marked E. F. Blanchard spursWell-worn pair of
marked spurs belonging to Mike Laughlin.

Buttons are Mexican un peso coins.

E F Blanchard cowboy spur maker

Blanchard Spurs - Help with How to tell an authentic pair.


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