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Historical Books by Dale E. Wooley
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For Sale: Historical Books by Dale Woolley

Raine's Market is the exclusive distributor of these magnificent historical books. 

THE WALTIS and OTHER EARLY SETTLERS of Eureka and Lander County, Nevada  Author:  Dale E. Woolley

    All copies of this 336 page literary gem are beautiful Gold Trimmed Mahogany colored Hardbacks, with dozens of historical photographs, a fold out 18" by 23" double-sided map, and are individually signed by the author.
    This historical book follows the true life story of the Walti family, and many others through their immigration to the Eureka area, their lives in their newly adopted country, and the towns, ranches, and legends that they built.  It is far more than a simple picture of a frontier family, indeed, it is more likened to a history of the entire region made personal through the true life families it follows.  Many of the descendents of the families mentioned in this book still live in the region, and much of the material for a basis for this book came from their ancestors and the Eureka Sentinel newspaper, in addition to other sources listed in the bibliography.
    This masterfully researched book is a history of the immigrants and pioneers of the Eureka area, their trials, hardships, and triumphs.  Several legends are explored, with dozens of old photographs to document them, including the rise of the Curly Horse, the tunnels under Eureka, and the Charcoal Burner's Massacre.  Reading this book brings one back to those years when the frontier was a sea of sage waiting to be explored, it gives the true measure of life on the ranches and in the towns of this area of America that even in the 21st century retains the isolation and majesty of the frontier.
$15.00 shipping and handling
6.85% tax in Nevada
THE WALTIS and OTHER EARLY SETTLERS of Eureka and Lander County, Nevada
The Dameles and the American curly horse: A story about a family of early settlers of Nevada and the breeding of a horse with curly hair.


$15.00 shipping and handling
6.85% tax in Nevada
The Dameles and the Curly Horse,  Eureka and Lander County, Nevada
The Dameles and the Curly Horse a short story.


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