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Cowboy Lore - a cowboy is an honorable person.One day I sat on a barstool next to an old cowboy.  We had just been to the funeral of a friend.  Was the best funeral I had ever been to, if you can call any of them good, but that is a different story.  The saloon was where they were holding the wake.  The nature of the gathering and the refreshments prompted us to become somewhat philosophical. I asked the man what he thought the word cowboy meant to him.  He said, "I'll never forget what my ol' dad told me.  'Bout summed it up as good as can be said.  He said a cowboy is an honorable man." 
We went on to tell more stories and the day passed, but I haven't forgotten what he said.  I think "honorable" sums up what we mean by the term cowboy and its appeal in this modern world.  There are still real working cowboys making their living horseback, tending cattle.   Doesn't mean they are always honest or perfect, but, as a group, they are fiercely independent, have real goals and do meaningful work. 
In America, where 90% of the population lives in urban areas, we find cowboys hard to see from the road.  However, that does not lessen the appeal of the cowboy mystique and the cowboy way.  People are looking for something real.  They look for heroes.  The cowboy lifestyle is real and people understand the difference between work that matters, people who are honorable and the imposters and "wannabes' of everyday life. Thousands of visitors come to this web site every day to touch this lifestyle.  Hope you enjoy it.
Below we have links to articles on a wide range of western, cowboy, and horse topics.  Click on the titles that appeal to you.
We hope you enjoy the variety of subjects presented and return often for new and updated stories, training techniques, tips, and information. 

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Cowboy Traditions:  Ranches and Events
Grubbing Hoe Ranch by Mike Laughlin
Circle A iron The Circle A Ranch of Nevada by Bill Mooney
Spanish Ranch Nevada Spanish Ranch 1 by Bill Mooney
Spanish Ranch 2 by Bill Mooney
Spanish Ranch 3 by Bill Mooney
Arizona Land of Extremes Land of Extremes by Mike Laughlin
Jersey Valley Cattle Company by Mike Laughlin
When the TS ran a Wagon vintage photos and interview courtesy of Thad Smith, buckaroo boss of the TS Ranch in the 1970s and 80s.
Diamond Tail Ranches of Wyoming
by Mike Laughlin
The Gang Ranch of British Columbia
by Mike Laughlin
The Historic TS Ranch of Nevada The Historic T Lazy S Ranch of Nevada
by Mike Laughlin
IL Ranch The last summer on the IL wagon.
by Mike Laughlin
Basque Ranching Culture Basque history in the Great Basin and the National Basque Festival. 
by Mike Laughlin
Crystal Rose Cow Dog College Sandi and Merle Newton’s passion is Border Collie dogs. 
by Mike Laughlin
Wyoming Honor Farm Inmate/Wild-Horse Program  The Wyoming State Honor Farm  located at Riverton, Wyoming, uses wild horses for inmate rehabilitation.
by Mike Laughlin
Cowboy Etiquette by Mike Laughlin

Cowboys of the Lost Continent

Cowboys of the Lost Continent by Eeben Barlow
Arizona Trigger Water Traps

Longhorn Cattle:  Rugged and Beautiful Livestock
Brands: Page one  History, Reading, Understanding, and Choosing Livestock Brands  by Mike Laughlin  
Information on brand registration.
Brands:  Page two with more photos/Mustang brands
Western Events
WSRRA Finals Western States Ranch Rodeo Association Finals 2012 by Mike Laughlin  
28th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering
by Mike Laughlin  
Western States Ranch Rodeo Association Finals 2011 by Mike Laughlin  
2011 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering
by Mike Laughlin
Hungarian Herders
2010 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering
by Mike Laughlin
Ranching Roots in the Deep South
WRCA Ranch Rodeo Finals Amarillo, Texas
by Mike Laughlin

Bronc Riding the Old West Way
by Mike Laughlin
The Silver State Stampede  is the oldest rodeo in Nevada started in 1913.  Today’s Stampede has grown into a multi-faceted event, showcasing the best of rodeo and ranch cowboys alike.
Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive by Mike Laughlin
Chase Hawks Invitational Rough Stock Rodeo
by Mike Laughlin
Cowboy Gear:  Spurs
Spurs, Real Cowboy Gear  
with photos
History of Spurs
E. F. Blanchard Spurs Cowboy spur maker, history and lots of photos
Garcia Bits and Spurs  by Becky Prunty 
G. S. Garcia and his legacy
Prison Made Spurs

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Cowboy Profiles:
In the Big Nevada Desert by Ty Fowler
Don Howe Don Howe Working Cowboy Saddle Maker by Mike Laughlin

Ian Tyson – The Legend

Saddle Bronc Girl by Ian Tyson

Ray Hunt at the Gang Ranch
Bill Kane- A Cowboy’s Cowboy by Mike Laughlin
Bill Kane Cotton the Horse another Bill Kane/Spanish Ranch story, by Bill Mooney
Wally Blossom Native American Rough-Stock Contractor, by Mike Laughlin
Bob Tanner Legend of the High Sierras
by Mike Laughlin
Rex Blackwell, The Man Who Rubs Horses 
by Mike Laughlin

Allie Bear, "Have a Superior Day." 
by Mike Laughlin


Marge Prunty Matriarch of the Prunty Ranch
by Lee Raine 

Spring Creek, Nevada Saddlemaker Bill Maupin Builds Miniature Trophy Saddles

By Mary Branscomb

Back in the Saddle Again  by Don Billings  
You have to get back on...the story of a roper who lost a leg, but refused to give up roping.
Cowboy Terms:  An Illustrated  Glossary Have you ever wondered what a cowboy term meant or where it came from?  This section helps answer some of these questions.  We are continually adding terms and explanatory photos.  We welcome your input on other terms you are curious about or terms you would like to share with the other visitors.
The People 
The Cowboy's Personal Gear (Illustrated)
The Horse
Cowboy Saddles and Tack   (Illustrated)
Cattle Terms  
Cowboy Showcase Gallery:
Cowboy Gear Photo Gallery
Animal Photo Gallery
Horses and Riders Photo Gallery
The Land Photo Gallery
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Buckaroo Photo Gallery
Cattle Photo Gallery
Cowboy Gear - Tips and Tricks:
Hamley and Co. Pendleton, Oregon
Three-Way Hobbling
Cowboy Piggin' String by Mike Laughlin
Some History of the Wade Saddle by Mike Laughlin

Stirrup Hobbles by Mike Laughlin
Help Save Your Life: The Reason for Stirrup Hobbles

Buckaroo Scarf Knot by Lee Raine

How to Tie Your Rope Up   by Mike Laughlin


Cowboy Night Latch  by Mike Laughlin


Center-fire your Cinch by Mike Laughlin
Pack Saddle Latigo Safety Knot with Art Hedin

Quick keeper on a bridle


Quick Keeper for the Throat Latch on Your Bridle 
by Mike Laughlin


tire changer aid block Horse Trailer Tire Changer Aid by Mike Laughlin

Barn safety tie-up

Barn Safety Tie-Up by Mike Laughlin
Wall mounted saddle stand No-Roll Saddle Stand
Cowboy Campfire Yarns and Truths:
A Prophet With Antlers by The Last DK Cowboy
Spendin’ Time at Cow Camps by The Last DK Cowboy
Slewfoot the Black Bear by The Last DK Cowboy
Ben's trail Ben's Trail by The Last DK Cowboy - George Fischer

Reminders of the Past a photo gallery


Hero Cattle Dogs by Pat Close

Western range land Fire-Proofing the Range by Mary Branscomb

Positive advice on how to  break the horrifying cycle of fire in the west.


Ranching Traditions The tradition of Great Basin ranchers, this land in the high, cold desert and the people who chose this harsh and seemingly inhospitable environment to be ranchers.
by Joe Guild

Life Lessons in the Old Round Corral
by Joe Guild
Dave's Summer Adventure Texas cowboy David Dill makes a trip to Nevada and looks first-hand at public land cattle grazing.  A true story giving his new perspective on the subject.
Cowboy Humor  candid shots showing the light side of the west.
Tons of Silver:  the tale of a lost silver mine   a story by Don Alexander

Superstitions a fun look at cowboy superstitions.

Cowboy History

IL Ranch, Nevada Andrae - Marvel Nevada Oral Histories videos by Gail Steiger
Cattle Roundup photos and history from Montana and Wyoming by Warren Hunt
Cowboy History Gallery  historic photos from New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada
Horn Iron:   Mrs. Marion Flynt Chancellor  photos of an old horn iron used in dehorning and a little of its history.
Photos from the 6666 Ranch circa 1910 courtesy of Leslie Trevino
Gerlach Cattle Company 1906

Cowboy Philosophy:  We really liked this perspective on the Internet and the digital age written by contributing cowboy David Dill from Texas:
"Electronics and the digital smoke signal we call the internet is having a profound effect on our lives and many people do not realize it.  The wonderful thing to me is that we can share and preserve and expand some of the traditional culture of our past and blend it to make a new 'cowboy culture' that will truly be a national treasure.  It is my feeling that cowboys from different backgrounds will continue to get together and share using the technology that we now have and it will have an effect on the cowboy culture that can possibly equal the first sharing and exchange that took place when the first South Texans trailed their steers north in the great cattle drives after the un-Civil War."


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